A Blast from the Past – Part Six – So This Was Christmas

Another old post.  I guess I could have saved this post for this Christmas, but I wanted to go ahead and post it now.  Hope you enjoy.  


This was originally posted on 12.26.09

So This Was Christmas

This was a pretty good Christmas.  Actually, it was probably the best Christmas I’ve had in a while.

I believe last year I was off but for quite a few years, previous, I worked.  Most of the time, if it was a day I would normally have off, I would volunteer to work just so I would have something to do other than sit at home.  I’ve probably done this ever since my grandmother died.  While she was alive, we would go over to her house.  After she passed…which I think was around 2000, we never really did anything…it was just like a regular day.  I think there might have been one year that dad and I went out to dinner, but the rest of the time we did nothing.

I don’t remember if it was while granny was still alive, but I did actually cook and they came to our house.  I think that might have been the last Christmas she was alive…but then again I could be thinking of a different time I cooked and they came over – there weren’t many of those times.

This year was nice because we weren’t living together – I love having my own place, again – and I went over to his place and we went to his neighbors and ate.  (He lives on his neighbors land and I kind of consider it one big place.)  We had lunch around 12 and then I went back at 4 and we had coffee and pastries.

When I got there around lunch time, I did feel like a shmuck because the first thing he said was that he heard I bought a Santa outfit for Ms. Kitty.  He had just gotten off the phone with my sister, Rebecca, who told him about the card I had sent.  The reason I felt like a shmuck is because I didn’t bring him a card.  I had a few extra cards, I don’t know why I didn’t think to give him one!  I can be a bad son, at times.

There weren’t any gift exchanges because we’re all pretty broke right now.  Next year I would like to have a little money to give everyone a gift.  Otherwise, this was a very good Christmas.