Just Heard This

I was listening to the Ed Schultz radio show this afternoon and he had a caller come on and say he heard that a log of religious black people were going to go out to the poll just to vote against him because of President Obama coming out in favor of gay marriage.

I don’t remember where he said he heard this, if in fact he did say it at all, but I was not surprised to hear this.

Since I didn’t just want to take what I heard someone say on a radio show for truth, I decided to call up the Google machine to see what it could come up with.  Just by searching “black people against obama because of gay comments” I got a ton of stuff.

On this website (http://ebonymompolitics.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/president-obama-affirms-gay-marriage-will-it-cost-him-the-black-vote/) I found something very interesting.  This link is for a tiny post I’m guessing the sites author posted about this subject titled “President Obama affirms gay marriage will it cost him the black vote?”  What I thought was really interesting, which I’m not going to touch with a ten foot pole (but might later) is this comment:

Bobby On May 10, 2012 at 3:48 am: I love President Obama, but I disappointed on his fight for all the gay rights and nothing on fixing all the wrong deeds in the past against African Americans. Reparations for slavery is a proposal that some type of compensation should be provided to the descendants of enslaved people in the United States, in consideration of the coerced and uncompensated labor their ancestors performed over centuries. President Obama will not even touch this subject!

Now on a side note, I MUST go back to that link and take part in the conversation going on in the comment section.  Some of what they are saying are things I would really like to get into and I might even post some of them on here.  But now, back to my regularly scheduled point.

One person who commented on this site says they don’t think the President will have a negative impact because: 1) black people don’t give him as much money to run his election on as do the gays; 2) black people mainly vote for Democrats; 3) black people are black and vote for black people, President Obama is black, ergo they will vote for him anyway.

In closing, because this is just a quick rant, I’m going to end up rolling all in the subject I said I would not right now touch with that big-ass pole.

I do think black people helped him considerably because I personally know a lot of black people got out and voted FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVES because they had the opportunity to vote for a  BLACK MAN to become PRESIDENT.  These were not black people who had just turned the legal age to vote.  These were black people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.  And I’m just talking about the ones I knew.  I’m sure they were not the “few exceptions” to the rule.  Black people, in general, just do not vote in proportional large numbers and that is something you can statistically fact check.

And I believe there are quite a few black people who will not return to the polls for his re-election because they have not been given what they thought they would receive (see the comment above).

Feel free to discuss below, or send me an email.