My Fears

I really do have a lot of fears.  Some of them are just in passing…and some of them are deep-down ingrained in me.  Things I always worry about.

I listen to The Mental Health Happy Hour which is a really great podcast by Paul Gilmartin that lets you know “you are not alone.”  I think it’s great for anyone with “mental illness problems.”  

At the end of each episode he has a “fear off” with his guest and that gave me the idea to post a My Fears page so I can talk about some of them…so I can get them out in the open so, hopefully, they will lose some of their power over me.  

I will just list them.  Some of them I will later go back and write a blog about.  I would love to get feedback from you guys.  What are your fears?  Do you feel alone with some of your fears?  

I also recommend anyone to go Paul’s website which is and listen to the blog (you can download it at iTunes, on Stitcher, or directly on his website).  You can also read his blog, check out some of the survey responses, and take the survey.  I really think this is a site and podcast that can really help a lot of people.  I know it’s already helped me and I really enjoy listening.  A new podcast is posted every Friday.  



My Fears

  1. That one day I will commit suicide because I feel like I just can’t take it anymore, that nothing will ever work or get better, and that I just can’t cope. – This is a big one to start off with.  I have been planning on talking about this one day…but I guess I may as well just say it here but I didn’t really want it to be listed as “fear number one,” but it is the first thing I thought of.  I have actually been thinking about this a lot lately and I have never admitted to this to anyone.  I will write about it later.  
  2. That I won’t be able to find a boyfriend and that I will end up alone.
  3. That I will be too old, and will have missed out on too much of my life when I do finally find a boyfriend.  Or that it will take so long to find one that I will be too old to really enjoy it.  I’m 33 and I feel like I have wasted, and missed, so much of my life already.
  4. That I will lose my job or one day not be able to get a job.  I already fear that technology is taking too many of our jobs and we – all of us…and the economy – will be screwed beyond repair.

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