Dental Update

I wanted to give everyone reading a little update.  I don’t know if you follow my tweets, or see them on the side of this site, but I sent out a few about being nervous about going to the dentist…and then being nervous sitting in the dentist, this

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth (Photo credit: tarale)


I’m out, and so are two of my teeth: he pulled the tooth that was hurting along with the wisdom tooth right next to it.  The wisdom tooth needed to come out anyway.  Now I only have one more wisdom tooth left that will eventually need to come out.  I still say that I would like to have that one remaining wisdom tooth removed with someone who can put me to sleep.  I said that the last time I had my other two wisdom teeth removed but was a dumbass and didn’t do it.  At least I know this doctor, who took out one of my wisdom teeth before, can do it.  He’s really, REALLY good!  They are very good with people who are fucking chickens!

So I just wanted to say that at the moment I’m fine.  The last two times I’ve had teeth removed I don’t recall being in pain afterwards.  Maybe a little discomfort, but not pain.  Several people have said that I will be in pain over the next couple of days but I’m hoping that’s not true.  The doctor didn’t say that.

It has bleed longer than I thought it should.  I have smoked when I said I wasn’t going to but I have but I’ve been very gentle about it.  I’m hoping I don’t get a dry socket!  I’ve heard those are a bitch and a half!

I could have sworn I was told to wait 2 or 3 days after having the tooth pulled before smoking.  This time they told me a couple of hours.  After I went online I just saw someone say 48 to 72 hours…that’s 2 to 3 days.  I’m hoping since I have been pull on the cigarette very, very slowly and softly it will not mess anything up or cause problems.  That and I’ve had the gauze pad over the area.  But I think when I remove the gauze pad I really do need to stop smoking, at least for a couple of days.

So, for now, I’m fine.  I’ll keep you updated.  Thanks for reading!

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