Quick Thoughts on the Paula Deen Issue and Race

Oh there are some people who aren’t going to like this, but it’s the truth.

So everyone is up in arms with Paula Deen and what she said.  At first I was thinking…people are getting a little carried away.  And I really got upset today when I heard that the Food Network will not be renewing her contract that is set to expire at the end of this month.  Then…I did a little digging.

So here’s the thing: I like Paula Deen.  Some people say her voice is fake, (that is coming from a “friend” of mine who doesn’t like her but that “friend” is just a bitch anyway) but I love listening to her.  I even bought her memoir on audio because she read it and I like hearing her talk.  She seems like a nice person – from what I have seen on TV.  I also saw that she, at least at one point, had a gay personal assistant and I know she has some gay help with hair, makeup and wardrobe.  I think that is even something she has said in an interview before.  I do think she is genially a nice person!  And I do hate to hear what is happening to her and I do not think she is a mean or bad person!  With that being said….

I saw online that the transcript was leaked on a deposition she did.  I read over what Huffington Post used in an article they did: it doesn’t make her look good.  But then I read some of the actual transcript and it actually makes her look worse, I think.  But part of me really believes she did not think this would be out in public and that it was better to tell the truth – since she didn’t think it would be leaked – than lie and stick to something politically correct.  And keep in mind, I have not read every word!  All I did was skim through parts of the news articles and transcript!  At the moment I’m not interested enough to read every word!

So now we know Paula doesn’t always know when to keep her mouth closed and she’s capable of horrible fucking ideas when she thought for a minute about doing a “plantation-style wedding.”  That was stupid.  But have any of us not also come up with some stupid ideas?  I think we have.  The problem is she let too many people know about them.  Sometimes you just need to keep a few things between your fucking ears and never let those ideas escape your mouth!

And she shouldn’t use phrases like “I try to go with whatever the black race is wanting to call themselves at each given time. I try to go along with that and remember that.”  (This phrase comes directly from the transcript, not from a news report I have read.)

Now for real life, here comes the real truth: people are racist.  In the year 2013 there are still a ton of people who are racist.  Especially people in the fucking south!  How do I know this?  Because I’m from the fucking south and that is not something that I admit to a lot of people!  Do I think what she said is right?  No!  Do I think she should be burned at the stake for it?  No!  Why?  Because all these people who want to burn her at the stake need to clean out their own fucking closets before they try to complain about the skeletons in hers!

The honest truth is that most people in the south area at least a little racist.  And when I say that I am including black people.  I can tell you from personal experience there are a lot of black people who do not like white people and they do not like having to deal with them!  There is still a ton of people who are racist in this country and I do not know how that will ever change.  Part of me thinks we’re just going to have to wait for them to die off.  I know that sounds bad but I don’t know any other way to put it that will make it sound better.  Just like the progression in gay rights, we are going to have to wait for the people who don’t like us to die off and get out of office before we will be able to completely progress to where we should be.  I feel the same way about civil rights and people who are racist.

You have to remember that it was not all that long ago that schools were segregated in this country.  The Civil Rights movement didn’t come about until the 1960s.  That is less than 60 years ago!  There are still a lot of people – black people – who are very distrusting of white people.  Is that good?  No.  Is that substantiated?  Yes.  Do we all need to move past that?  Yes.  Will we?  I’m not really holding out hope anymore.

I just hope Paula Deen has enough money to continue her lifestyle without working anymore.  I’m not saying she won’t work in the future, or won’t make money, but I really hope she can continue her current lifestyle…or live even better!  I still like her and really don’t think she meant to do anything “bad.”  She’s just from a different generation and I guess nobody told her how to be politically correct after she got money.  I still don’t think she should completely be excused, but part of me does think she should have been a little less honest in the deposition.

These are just some quick thoughts I’m having right now.  Race in America is something that I have been wanting to write about.  These are just quick thoughts and I’m not taking the time to go back and edit this and make it sound better or more professional.  I think race is something that we need to talk about because there are a lot of people who have some work to do regarding this subject.  While we have moved a long way, there is still a much further way we need to move.

Was Paula wrong for what she said?  YES!

What are your honest thoughts and opinions on this?


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