A Blast from the Past – Part Nine – Quickie

Another old post, enjoy!


This was originally posted on 1.27.10


I haven’t written in a while but here’s a quick update.

I’m tried and want to sleep for a whole day.  That’s just what I feel like right now.

I have some work I need to do tonight but won’t.  It’s 12:17 in the morning and I just got home.  I need to get up early because I’ve got A LOT of work to do and REALLY, REALLY, REALLY NEED to get it done because I’m having visitor(s) tomorrow.  My boss is coming and we might have inspection this week.  I’ve been sick lately and haven’t had the energy to do it.  Not that that’s a total “true” excuse.

Had to take Ms. Kitty to the vet on Saturday and walked about with a good bill of health and $300 check heading to my bank that I knew would bounce.  But the good news, the bank paid it.

My new BlackBerry arrived today.

I’m done for now.  Hope my company goes well!

Oh, and other good news…this isn’t an “unannounced” visit from my boss which must be good, considering what he wrong in an email to all of us recently.  I’ll have to come back to that one and elaborate on it more.

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