A Blast from the Past – Part Eight – Another Sunday Night

Another old post, enjoy!


This was originally posted on 1.18.10

Another Sunday Night

I should be in bed, but I thought before I go I’ll post a little something.  I have a lot that I wanted to post – things I’ve been working – but I’ve been sick this past week.

I caught a cold and spent my birthday week sick: this week I turned 30…and might I say…that number kind of hurts to say!  I can’t believe I’m not in my twenties anymore.  I don’t feel any different…but then on the other hand I kind of do.  What I do feel, is that I really need to start working toward the things I’ve been wanting to do and not putting them off.  Otherwise, I’ll be 50 and bitching at myself about the things I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t.  I also think I shouldn’t think about “coulda woulda shoulda.”  That’s my ultimate 2010 resolution!

I need to get up and go into work early tomorrow, which I think I said last week but didn’t.  I really have a lot to do tomorrow, both and work and running errands.  If all goes as planned, I’ll cover quite a few miles in my car.  I have to drive to the city about 70 miles north of where I work and the city about 70 miles south of where I work.  South is for me and north is for work.

I think it’s bedtime now.

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