A Blast from the Past – Part Seven – Not for Nothing

Another old post, enjoy!


This post was originally posted on 1.10.10

Not for Nothing

I think I did this same thing last weekend – or the weekend before, but I really hope I’m not doing it in vain.

Yesterday I went to my dad’s storage to get some of my totes of books and craft stuff to bring back to my place.  Earlier today I was taking the stuff out, cleaning the living room, and putting the books on the bookshelf.  (I need more bookshelves!)

I really hope I’m not doing this today, only to have to pack everything back up because I have to move out, soon.  That would really be devastating!  Not only would it be a huge hit to my ego, but I would also think about this the next time I was unpacking – trying to make a home – because I would be thinking there’s no real use because I’m just going to have to put this back because I can never live on my own!

Or maybe it’s just my depression talking.

I think some of my very annoying neighbors may have moved out…I wonder why.  I hope they’re going to a “better place,” even though I can’t imagine that.  But I do hope they weren’t kicked out.

I’m actually 2 months behind rent, so I just found out.  I’ll be catching that up next payday.

When I first took this house over from my dad, the landlord had said something about making “other arrangements” in a year…I think that year is almost up.  We were talking to him once before about buying this place…we’ve kind of always been on something like a “rent-to-own” deal.  I don’t know if that’s what he’s talking about or not.  I really don’t want to move because the rent is so cheap.  Even though, I do need to get a better place but that is something I will write more about later.  I just don’t want to be evicted because I have no money saved up to get another place and I really don’t want to have to move back in with dad…I’m too old for that.  Him moving in with me is one thing, but not me moving in with him.

I was wondering what I would be doing at 9 PM tonight.  I was thinking earlier today, “I don’t want to be going to the grocery store at 9 PM like I usually do on Sunday night.”

I’m about to go to the grocery store to get a few things I’ll need for the week and I really have to be at work on time in the morning because I didn’t go in any over the weekend and I have a lot to do to get ready for inspection…which I have no clue when will be.

Just some unedited, possibly grammatically incorrect, thoughts.

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