Old Post – One

A Blast from the Past – Part One

I was going through some things and wanted to close one of the blogs that I had a couple years ago but never got off the ground.  That’s because I never did anything with it.  

But while I do want to close the old blog, I want to share that stuff because it was my life, and what I was going through, at that time…December 2009 and January 2010. 

There were only 8 post so I will put one up each day for the next 8 days.  Enjoy!


This was originally posted on 12.19.2009

So today I’m working on my Christmas cards that have got to get in the mail no later than Sunday afternoon so they’ll actually go somewhere on Monday.  It’s only about 4 business days from Christmas…and it’s not like I’m known for being on-time!

I’m about to pay some bills, which will be very depressing, but I did just spend $35 at Wal-Mart’s online photo lab to get to have some pictures I uploaded printed today.  One of them is an 8×10 that I think I’ll give to my friend Shirley for Christmas: that will take care of one of the 2 people I’m buying a gift for.  It’s a picture she said she really liked so I’m going to either use one of the frames and mats I have at home or buy another mat and frame it in an 11×14 frame.

All the other pictures are to hang up at home and put in photo albums and a scrap book for Ms. Kitty…the vast majority of the prints I just ordered were of her!  I’ve never photographed a subject more than I have my precious little puss!  I do love her!  She makes the home so much happier and lively.

This weekend I’ve got to work on my resume and finish it so I can take it to Mr. SanSan on Monday.  I’m thinking about going to work for him…if he’s still looking for someone.  I spoke with him earlier in the year when he was just about to open his new hotel but I didn’t want to work for him for the money he was wanting to pay…I’m I think I’m willing to.

I actually was supposed to take my resume to him a couple of weeks ago but didn’t because after thinking about it I decided I didn’t think I really want to try that just yet.  But now, since I think I’m about at the end of my rope at my current job, I think I should.  Going to work for him should give me a little more job security which I really don’t think I have right now.

My current job situation is something I’m hoping to write more about later this weekend.

Oh, and I need to finish laundry and clean the house.


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