Going a little Crazy

Sometimes I just feel like I’m going crazy.  Today is one of those days.  I feel like running away from home.  I need a vacation, really.  I’d like a week away, with no phone, in a hotel room, with just me, my computer, an internet connection, and a few good books.  In a city I’ve never been before where nobody knows me.

I also have some updating to do…maybe I’ll do that tonight.  Or hell, I’ll do it right now.

My sister’s visit:

It actually went quite well.  I only wanted to strangler her 3 times, and all three of those times were probably just because I was over reacting.  Something I am known to occasionally do.  I know everyone would find that hard to believe.

I think I might try to keep in touch with her and see if we can’t get a good relationship started.

The work issue:

They didn’t get ride of the wrong person.  They only got rid of the problem maker.  I hear she was very, very pissed when she found out she was being let go and she kind of told off the boss a little.  Smart move, always.  I think she never thought she would be getting in trouble over this…she just thought she could start some shit and it wouldn’t splatter on her.  She was wrong.

Other than that, I think I’m done for now.


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