Day by Day – My Life is a Hot Mess – Driver’s License Issue

Sometimes I get myself into these little situations: we’ll call them messes.  I have been in these before, since I started this blog, and thought about writing about them.  I’m sure most people will find my life quite boring, but I do like to know I’m not the only person out there going through these things and would love to find a similar blog where people do just what I’m doing…talking about their lives and the things they are going through and trying to deal with.  Maybe there is someone out there reading this blog who feels the same way.  I’ve thought about starting a series like this, and Day by Day, if you will.  I hope this will help someone.  At the least, maybe it will help me.  I often think writing is like a therapy for me.  I hope it’s not completely boring to you.  


Day by Day – My Life is a Hot Mess – Driver’s License Issue

So, my life really is in a state of “hot mess” right now.  This is one of the many situations I have to deal with…and I’m going to tell you about it.

I have always been a fast driver.  I have been pulled over by the police several times, and by several, I mean I have gotten more than traffic citations over my 15 year driving history.  All of them have been for the following reasons:

  • Speeding – This is what most of them have been for.
  • I rear-ended someone (because she was stupid and not paying attention) and got a ticket for that.  I actually rear-ended two people but the last one the office didn’t give me a ticket for because I was nice (why you wouldn’t be nice and respectful to an office is beyond me) and he said I had enough problems to deal with because my car was probably going to be totaled and he understood why I rear-ended the person.  I couldn’t get over into the median because there was someone walking and had to swerved to avoid the crash I would have ran over the people.  I picked the lesser of two evils in killing my car that I loved as opposed of actually killing a mother and her teenaged son.
  • Not having valid insurance in my car and driving on a new-car tag for more than three months.  I actually did have valid insurance but I was on a trip and the card I had in my car expired while I was on the trip.  And, as for the tag, the tag was valid because every month I kept having to go to the car dealer and get a new temp tag because they were having problems getting the title in my name.  What they didn’t tell me until after I told them I got a ticket is that the car had been repossessed form the owner before me and that is what was tying up the title.  They wrote a letter and I went to court.  When I went to court the judge was surprised that I had driven all the way back up there to go to court but I told him none of this was my fault.  I did have valid insurance and it wasn’t my fault that the tag was still a temp tag.  (I think it was still a temp tag when I went to court.)  The no proof of valid insurance was my fault but my insurance never lapsed or was late.  He through everything out and I didn’t have to pay any fees or get any points added to my driver’s license.  And this was the car that was totaled out in bullet-point number two.
  • Driving a car with an expired tag.  I remember that was $125, and about ten years ago.  I was driving my dad’s car because I had just got into the wreck with mine that totaled out my car (see bullet-point number two).
  • Running a red light.  I did actually stop at the light.  It was around 2 in the morning and my friend and I were having a very deep conversation about our love lives – or lack thereof – and for whatever reason I treated it like a stop sign.  It’s not like there was anyone else on the road…except that fucking cop that was behind me!

I don’t know how many points I had collected on my record.  Obviously, I was trying to collect them like some people collect stamps.

Since then, that has all changed.  I still drive fast (well, except for the past 6 months).  I have been commuting 30 minutes on the interstate every day for work and it is nothing for me to drive 80 miles an hour.  Around town, I don’t often go the speed limit, either.  (Although, I will say I’ve been seeing a whole lot more cops around.)  I haven’t, however, gotten stopped by the police, or gotten a ticket, in well over three years.  I had no points on my record.  Then last November rolled around.  I was going to work – late as usual – and got pulled over for doing 69 in a 45.

Now, first of all, I had a friend in high school who had a girlfriend who lived down this road and we used to go 80 all the freaking time.  There has NEVER been cops on this road.  Since I had been living on this road, over a year, I haven’t seen 3 cops.

And, if I had just gone to work on fucking TIME! I wouldn’t have been pulled over…but I guess that’s beside the point now.

So I got a ticket.  I “think” it’s $200, I never actually called to make sure.  Something came up when the ticket was due, I don’t remember what, and I never paid it.  Since then, about 6 months, I still haven’t paid the ticket.  I’ve been meaning to but just didn’t get around to it.

Last night I was coming home around midnight.  I was in a new car (and by new, I mean a 16 year-old car I just bought which I will go into later) and the tag lights weren’t working.  He noticed that and then noticed I had a temp tag (valid temp tag!) and wanted to “make sure I had the paperwork on the car.”  I was thinking “FUCK!!!”  I just knew I was going to jail because I knew my license was expired.

So when he got to my window and asked for my license I told him that I just remembered I had forgot to pay a ticket so I think my license might be expired but “please don’t arrest me.”  When I said the last part, he just snickered and just said “let me check on that for you.”  I was thinking since he did snicker, maybe he wasn’t being an asshole and would just give me a warning or something.

He gave me a ticket for “not having my driver’s license on your person” and kept them.  He then told me to take care of it Monday and “don’t get caught driving around in your car tomorrow” (which would have been Sunday).

I was SO fucking glad I didn’t get arrested!  I mean, my life has pretty much imploded in on itself and I can’t think of how it would get any worse.  I guess it could, but it’s pretty bad right now and I don’t want to see how bad things really could get.

So now I’m worried about how much it’s going to cost me to get my license reinstated, and what other paperwork am I going to have to have?  I recently read an article in my local newspaper saying you had to have your birth certificate and social security card, neither of which I have.  I have to get both of those replaced because I lost them.  I know, great, right?  But I did also look online tonight and saw that in some cases the licenses are reinstated once you pay the fee, but now I’m going to have to get another license.  The article I read said you had to provide these papers if you’re getting a new license or a renewal.  I’m not wanting a renewal, I just need another one because I “lost” mine.

The good thing that I saw in the article was that if you didn’t have the required documents you would get a 120 day temporary paper license.  That will work.  That will give me the time to get everything I need.  I would also have to have 2 pieces of mail that is sent to my home to prove that is where I live.  I don’t get any mail at my home, and there’s a long story behind that, too.

So, it’s now midnight and I’m going to go to bed.  Tomorrow I will call and see how much the ticket is, and what all I have to do to get my license reinstated.  I will let you know what happens and how all this turns out.


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