Fun Times – NOT

Several days ago I wrote a blog saying I was feeling wounded and depressed.  I’ve been sort of working on a post about how I have been feeling defeated…which I haven’t finished yet.  Well, now I’m really beginning to feel defeated.

As if I didn’t think my problems could get worse…turns out I really didn’t know what I was thinking.  Worse has happen.  (Although the major bad I thought might happen…hasn’t yet or I haven’t found out about it.)

I have 2 cars.  One has been broken for a couple of months now because it is going to cost over a thousand dollars to fix and I don’t have that kind of money right now.  Now the second car I have is also broken.  And unless it can be “rigged,” its fate is sealed.  It has a problem with the wiring harness which…would cost about $2,000 to fix.  I certainly don’t have that kind of money.  Not to mention, I only paid $5,000 for the car six years ago.

So now I’m broke, I have to wait until tomorrow to see if someone can come and splice the wires to bypass the broken plug.

Fun times!


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