Craigslist showed me What I Should Do

Craigslist showed me What I Should Do



craigslist (Photo credit: Chika)

Sometimes I like to go on Craigslist because you really can buy everything, including the kitchen sink, on that site.  And I’m completely okay with occasionally getting this used.  Things I’m sort of not really but kind of looking for right now: a piano, a cello, a clarinet, a saxophone, a guitar for my dad, a home, a roommate, a new (to me) camera, a Mac, an iPad, and something else I don’t even know I want right now.


So I decided to look at the homes and apartments for rent because I recently talked to a guy who has what I think is a really nice house that he did not go through a realtor to get.  I am slowly thinking about moving to the city I’ve been working in for 5 years because I’m getting tired of the hour commute (total) each day.  Actually, I am getting tired of the time but what I’m really getting tired of is the gas money I’m having to shell out.  What gas was a little higher I was paying enough that I could just pay rent in town.


I’ve always wondered how people in roughly my income bracket can afford to live in a nice home by themselves.  Though, I don’t really know how much those homes are.  Looking at Craigslist I found, at least where I live, some pretty decent homes for…well…prices I can’t exactly afford right now, but it is possible.  I mean, it’s not completely out of the question.  It would be best if I had a roommate, but getting a little higher salary would help, too.


So, that’swhat I need to work on: higher salary!


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