A New Plan

A New Plan

OMG, it’s a new blog post!  I’m quite sure the way to build readers is not to post one blog a freaking month.  But what can I say…I’ve been busy…with a little dash of lazy thrown in for taste.

While I’m not going to tell you where I work, let’s just say I work with people, something I really f’ing love.  And if you believe that you would believe anything.  What I do, I like, I just don’t love working with people.  Sometimes I think I would just like to be a poodle groomer…as long as I could still make what I make now.  I’m greedy.  A poodle will just stand there and let you shave their ass.  And I’ve always said I love animals way more than people!  But that’s for another day.

So most of the time I’m not stuck in the office and tied down to my desk.  I can come and go as I please…kind of…and I can take lunch away from work.  But the thing is I normally don’t.  It’s nothing unusual for me to eat at work, at my desk, and sometimes while I’m still actually working.  Most of the time I will stop long enough to eat but all I eat, unless I go grab something from a fast-food joint – the health-conscious fatass I am, is just a sandwich or something else that is quick and easy.  So I’ll eat in like five minutes and then back to work.  Then I work late.  Again, it’s nothing unusual for me to work past dark.  People look at me strange when I leave before dark.  They think something is wrong.  The down side to this, one of many, is that they expect me to work…all the fucking time.  It’s not so much my boss expects me to work all the time, although that is something completely different that I want to talk about later, but the people I work around expect me to be there until late in the evening/night.

Now, if I were to tell you a little secret, just between you and me, I’m also, possibly, known for not exactly coming in at…let’s say…eight in the morning.  Let’s just say if I come in before 9:30ish they also think something is wrong.

Even with my late arriving and very late leaving hours, I still work way fucking more than 40 hours a week!  I don’t keep track of exactly how many hours I work because I know that would just piss me off.

So when I get to work I’m there for 10 or 12+ hours unless I have to run errands or have meetings out of the office, which I sometimes do.  So that is where the new plan comes in.  (Nothing like reading a half a damn page before getting to the point….)

I’m going to try to start coming in earlier for work.  That would be helpful because I could get some things done and out of the way before the day gets crazy.  Usually I just get to work when the day is getting crazy and jump right in, crazy head first.

Then, around lunch time I’m either going to go away for lunch, or I’m going to eat at work and still go away for lunch for about an hour even if I just go to Starbucks or the bookstore café.  That way I will a) have a little mid-day break from work, and b) have some time to either do some reading or writing.  I think I should take that time to do both…especially writing so I can start posting more.  I have other things to write, but I also would like to start posing on a more frequent basis.  I was getting a few readers stopping by and I would like that to continue.  You know, give them something good to read.  Even if I do just write a lot about my life.

This blog is partically used as an electronic journal.  I like to watch YouTube vlogs people make where they’re just talking about their life and telling about their day.  I find that interesting because I like getting glimpses into other people’s lives.  I would also like to find some more blogs that are like that.  So I’m hoping there will be a niche market for this blog and people will find that interesting, as well.  It’s always nice to know you’re not the only one going through certain things.

But the last note about my new plan, after I finish the day…around 5 or 5:30, I want to go the hell home!  And then practice having some personal time and having a social life.

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