I have got to start taking my Prozac every fucking day, otherwise I’m going to lose my fucking mind!  If you have ever lived with depression and mild bi-polar it can be a really big bitch!

And to make it even worse, people at work are acting like fucking children!  All that is doing is aggravating my fucking problems.

I wish I were rich.  Then I wouldn’t have to put up with this fucking bullshit and I could just stay at home, under the fucking covers, anytime I wanted to!

Some days it would have been better to just stay in bed and this is one of those days.  I think tomorrow is looking the same.  I’m going to take a pill right now.  I’ve really got to start doing that every day!

Fuck me is really all I have to say right now.

I know, this one wasn’t interesting, but it did feel good to vent and let it out.


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