Who Are You

For the last several days I’ve had 5 people come to my site.

When I started the site I did it not only to write my life, but I also wanted readers.  I would love to have people leave comments and maybe some of you could help me and maybe I could help you, too.

But now that I have people coming to it, even if it is only 5 people, I’m kind of surprised.  So, who are you?

I would love for your to leave me a comment, or send me an email, letting me know who you are…maybe say a little about yourself.



One response to “Who Are You

  1. Five readers for a 1.5 month old blog is actually pretty good. I remember when I started my blog years ago that I only had 5-10 readers after 6 months.

    The best way to get readers is comment on other blogs, but do not leave spam comments saying “Hey I have a blog too.”. Leave relevant comments and leave them somewhat often and you will gain the appreciation of that blogger. That blogger may then help you out by linking to your site in their blogroll, mentioning your blog in a post, or commenting on your blog and making it seem more lively. Linking to other blogs yourself will always help too.

    The other rule is readers are hard to come by for the first 6 months. Most blogs die within this time so some readers are hesitant to invest the time in reading it unless the blog has proven it is around to stay for a while.

    I know you read my blog (http://mygaylife.net) so you already know about me.

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