I Want a Gay Doctor

I want a gay doctor.  As a gay man going to the doctor can be interesting.  If you are in the community you probably already know about this, or have heard people talk about it…you may have even experienced it.

The doctor I use is a nice lady but I’m not completely sure how good she is.  I don’t know how competent her or her staff is.  In fact, sometimes I think they aren’t.  I’ve had some good experiences and bad experience.  However, with that being said I do think she’s a very nice lady and certainly means well.  Though, meaning well isn’t really what you need or are looking for in a physician.

The thing is, I’m just not exactly sure what she would say about my “gay lifestyle,” especially when I ask her specific questions about…some of the things involved in…”gay life.”

I also think, in general, I would just be much more comfortable because they would know exactly what it’s like.  I don’t just want a “gay friendly” doctor, I want an actual “gay doctor.”

But I’m not really sure how to go about finding one.


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