More Listening, Less Starbucks

Ok, I’ve been thinking about getting an account with and I was also thinking I should stop going to Starbucks so much.

Now the whole thing about not going to Starbucks so much is really tough for me.  I freaking LOVE Starbucks.  Like, a lot!  I love everything about Starbucks.  The way I (hear) they treat them employees.  I love the books about them.  I haven’t read all of them, yet, and I will admit some of them seem to be just about the people who wrote them, bragging about themselves.  But they all, so far, have good ideas in them.

So I really don’t want to stop going.  But I do need to stop spending so much money.  And I would like an account.

At first I was thinking I should just “stop” going to Starbucks so much.  But then I got to thinking, maybe I should just stop getting so many expensive latte’s.  I could get something less expensive like just a cup of coffee (I love their new roast – Blond!), and I could just stop going…so often.

Maybe that will work.  But I do love my latte’s but I also need to help the waist line which the latte’s don’t help.

Anyway, if I got the Audible account I could listen to more of the audiobooks I would like to listen to because I don’t have enough time to do all the reading I would like to do.

P.S.: My head is just so crazy that there are a million things running through it!  All the time!


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