2 Down, 3 To Go: Nothing Accomplished

Lets just say, I’m an event planner.  Not Event Planner but event planner…I make shit happen.  Ooh, I like that description…I make shit happen!

Anyway.  I’m not going to say what I actually do, but let’s just say I’m paid to make shit happen and make money.

So it’s the end of Tuesday now and so far, I haven’t made any shit happen or made money.  At least I haven’t found any new money to make, and because of this…I feel like I haven’t been productive.

I did at least clean my office, and pretty much got it organized.  I still have a little to do, I still have some piles of paperwork to go through, and I’m quite fucking sure I still have some paperwork that I need to DO, but I haven’t found any “new shit” or “new money.”  And even through my job title encompasses quite a bit, I haven’t been able to do what I think I should be doing.

I’m actually writing this from my office, at 9:23 PM, before I go home.  I know I’m probably going to only do one of a few things when I get home:

1. Jerk off to porn on the internet

2. Get lost watching videos on YouTube (music or sitcoms)

3. Just go straight to bed

Therefore, I feel I should write this while I’m still at work.  Granted, I do have great expectations, but that is, after all, what the road to hell is paved with.

Yesterday I didn’t come in to work until about 11…or 10:30 but I also didn’t leave until like twelve hours later.  I still don’t think I got a whole lot accomplished.  I did clean my office.  I actually didn’t have to do a whole lot of cleaning and organizing today because I had already done it yesterday.  When I came in this morning, at 11AM, I’m not quite sure what happen.

I was going to get started on some things that I should have already finished, but I only did like one of those things.  Then I got distracted by other things I needed to take care of.  Some people were in a pissy mood, which put me in a pissy mood, so I got distracted because of people basically being on “the rag,” myself included.

I have been kind of really bitchy lately.

Oh, and I’m tried of having to drive almost a fucking hour to get home and come to work.  I actually dive an hour every day.  That’s getting old how, especially with gas prices getting so fucking high.  There’s no damn reason gas should be $3.70 when it was just $3.20 and $3.40 NOT EVEN three months ago!  I’m so tired of this stupid bull shit and nobody will do it.

And on that note, I know Newt Fucking Gingrich WOULD NOT get gas down to $2.50 a gallon!  He’s just saying that hoping that stupid-ass people will be dumb enough to vote for him!

I was going to write a little more, about a few other things, but I’m tired and I think I just want to wrap this day up and call it over.

Hopefully I will at least iron my clothes for tomorrow when I get home so I don’t have to do that when I get home…when I over sleep in the morning which I totally do every fucking day!  It’s a really good thing I’m the boss.  But that shit is going to totes get me in trouble one day!

(I thought this was going to be more about life stuff in general, but I guess it’s really more of a work post…so that’s what category it’s going in.  As if somebody will actually even read this.)

New Beginnings

I’ve started a blog before, several actually.  I haven’t posted in a while because…well…I don’t really know why.  I keep a journal, which I don’t write in every single day but I do write in a it…somewhat often.

Another blog I’ve started I was going to treat like a journal but I have quite using it.  At least I haven’t added anything new in quite some time.  I wasn’t completely in love with the title.  This title, I think, I like much better.  It contains two things that is me, and I love.  I’m gay, and very proud to be.  I also love island life!  I love being near the water.  I don’t have to look at it every day, but I like knowing it’s very close.  And I think I would absolutely love living on an island.

In fact, that is something I would later like to discuss: living on an island.

So maybe I will keep this up.

One of the many things I need to work on is “less procrastination.”  I have quite a penchant for it, I’m very good at it, I do it quite often!  One of the themes that I feel could represent my life is “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  I have all these grand ideas, things that would be very good to do, but I never follow-through.  That really is something I want to get better at, both personally and professionally.

On the professional front, I work with people and that is about all I want to say about that.  I have people whom I have to manage and that is not always easy.  I’m sure I’ll write some things about that.

On the personal front, I don’t do a lot personally.  I work most of the time and I don’t get adequate time for myself which is something else I would like to change.  I think I would be much more recharged and refreshed and even professionally productive – which is what I’m paid to be – if I had more free time to do some of the things I want to do so my mind is clear and at peace.

That is all I will say for now.  It’s now 12:12 in the morning, Monday morning, and I have to get up and go to work early in the morning.  At least I would like to get up early.

Oh, one last thing.  I also have a twitter for this blog.  It’s @mygayisland.  I’ll use that to post quick things, especially when I think of something good that needs to be written about later.

I’ll also tweet when I write a new blog.  Like right now.

Nite nite islanders!